We invite contributions in the following areas (but not limited to):

  • Seamless indoor/underground/outdoor 3D modelling
  • Stationary and dynamic obstacle detection
  • Multisensory fusion for indoor mapping
  • Indoor localization and route planning for disaster management
  • Location-based services in indoor/outdoor environments
  • Innovative LBS systems and applications
  • Aided mobility for disabled/aged people
  • Disaster prevention, analysis and management in indoor/underground environments
  • Smart facility maintenance
  • Spatio-temporal data modelling, analysis of seamless indoor/outdoor/underground movement traces
  • Indoor location-linked big data
  • SLAM methods in indoor environments
  • Semantic parsing indoor environments
  • Visualization techniques for LBS in indoor/outdoor seamless environments
  • Indoor virtual/augmented reality
  • Quality aspects and evaluation of indoor models