East Lake International Conference Center (EL-ICC), Wuhan, China

The East Lake International Conference Center (EL-ICC) is a large building with an area of 31,000m2 inside the beautiful East Lake Park, 5km from WHU campus. There are 32 conference rooms of various sizes; the largest one can hold 1350 people. The EL-ICC has 210 hotel rooms (five star) with matching food services. Within 1km of EL-ICC, there are Chutian Yuehai Hotel (five star), Guochuang Chuyuan Hotel (four star), Binghu Hotel (four Star), Yester Hotel (four star), business hotels and even guest houses (as low as $10 per night for a bed) etc. There are more than 1500 hotel rooms within 5km of the EL-ICC. Attractions such as the Hubei Province Museum are within walking distance of the EL-ICC.

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