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Detailed Programme

Wednesday 11 December

10:00 Registration
12:00 Snacks
12:30 Opening 

Gavin Lloyd

13:00 Keynote Speech
Kris Kolodziej Indoor Mapping & Location – The Past 10 Years & the Future  screen film2
14:00 Technical Papers: Indoor Acquisition
1 J. Wohlfeil, B. Strackenbrock, I. Kossyk Automated high resolution 3D reconstruction of cultural heritage using multi-scale sensor systems and semi-global matching  screen
2 R. El Meouche, M. Rezoug, I. Hijazi, D. Maes Automatic Reconstruction of 3D Building Models from Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data  screen
3 B.G.H. Gorte, A. Vargas Luna, B. Sirmacek Camera-Projector 3D Scanning of a Semi-Submerged Terrain in a Flume  screen
15:30 Tea
16:00 Invited Speaker
Tristian E. Lacroix (IndoorLBS) Market Trends and Examples  screen
16:30 Technical Papers: Indoor Modelling and Localisation
4 Q. Xiong, Q. Zhu, S. Zlatanova, L. Huang, Y. Zhou, Z. Du Multi-dimensional Indoor Location Information Model  screen
5 E. Funk, L.S. Dooley, A. Boerner, D. Griessbach Implicit Surface Modeling from Imprecise Point Clouds
18:00 Cocktail at the Graduate School of Business

Thursday 12 December

08:30 Industry Talk
Alain Lapierre (Bentley Systems, Inc) Location Services in the Design/Build/Operate life cycle of Infrastructures  screen
09:30 Technical Papers: Indoor Localisation
 6 Tsubasa Maruyama Walking Simulation of Digital Human in Laser-scanned Point Clouds of as-built Large-scale Indoor Environments
7 M. Nakagawa Improvement in the Geofencing Service Interface Using Indoor Positioning Systems and Mobile Sensors  screen
10:30 Tea
11:00 Technical Papers: Indoor Modelling and Localisation
8 S. Becker,M. Peter,D. Fritsch,D. Philipp,P. Baier,C. Dibak Combined Grammar for the Modeling of Building Interiors  screen
9 P. Viaene, A. Vanclooster, Ph. De Maeyer The identification of landmarks for wayfinding in an indoor environment  screen
10 X.Y. Zhu, W. Guo, L. Huang, T. Hu,W.X. Gao Pan-information Location Map
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Panel Discussion
11 M. Nakagawa, S. Becker, A. Lapierre, M. Tamke, S. Oude Elberink Problems In Indoor Mapping and Modelling Acquisition and Modelling  screen
14:30 Technical Papers: Localisation
12 E. Verbree, S. Zlatanova, K.B.A. van Winden, E.B. van der Laan, A. Makri, L. Taizhou, A. Haojun To localise or to be localised with wifi in the hubei museum?  screen
15:00 Tea
15:30 Technical Papers: Navigation
13 A. Vanclooster, P. Viaene, N. Van de Weghe, V. Fack, Ph. De Maeyer Analyzing the applicability of the least risk path algorithm in indoor space  screen
14 D. Griessbach, D. Baumbach, A. Boerner, S. Zuev Accuracy Evaluation of Stereo Vision Aided Inertial Navigation for Indoor Environments  screen
16:30 Invited Speaker
Carl Reed (OGC) OGC’s candidate standard IndoorGML complements CityGML for indoor modelling and navigation  screen
17:00 Panel Discussion
S. Zlatanova, B. Godfrey, F. Stroh, P. Louw Indoor mapping in South Africa
19:00 Conference Dinner at Moyo in the V&A waterfront

Friday 13 December

08:30 Industry Talk
B. Godfrey, T. Venter (Optron/Trimble)  screen screen
09:30 Panel Discussion
Q. Zhu, A. Zipf, K. Richter Problems In Indoor Mapping and Modelling Navigation and Applications  screen
10:30 Tea
11:00 Technical Papers
15 L. Liu, S. Zlatanova Generating Navigation Models from Existing Building Data  screen
16 W. Xu, M. Kruminaite, B. Onrust, H. Liu, Q. Xiong, S. Zlatanova A 3D Model Based Imdoor Navigation System for Hubei Provincial Museum  screen
12:00 Closing
12:30 Drinks and Snacks