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The conference programme will begin with a keynote speech by Kris Kolodziej on the past, present and future of indoor mapping and localisation.

The main programme of the conference is composed of scientific presentations, industry talks, panel discussions and talks by industry representatives. In between the talks there will be small breaks for tea and lunch. At the end of each presentation there will be time for the audience to ask questions.

On the evening of the 11th there will be a cocktail and a get together. On the evening of 12th there will be a conference dinner at the Moyo restaurant at the Waterfront. An overview of the programme is provided below. For more information on the invited speakers and the programme, please see the pages titled ‘Invited Speakers’ and ‘Detailed Programme’.

Wednesday 11 December

10:00 Registration
12:00 Snacks
12:30 Opening
13:00 Keynote Speech: Kris Kolodziej
14:00 Technical Papers: Indoor Acquisition
15:30 Tea
16:00 Invited Speaker: Tristian E. Lacroix (indoorLBS)
16:30 Technical Papers: Indoor Localisation
18:00 Cocktail at the Graduate School of Business

Thursday 12 December

08:30 Industry Talk: Alain Lapierre (Bentley Systems, Inc)
09:30 Invited Speaker: T. Maruyama
10:00 Technical Papers: Indoor Localisation
10:30 Tea
11:00 Technical Papers: Indoor Modelling
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Discussion: Problems In Indoor Mapping and Modelling – Acquisition and Modelling
14:30 Technical Papers: Localisation
15:00 Tea
15:30 Technical Papers: Navigation
16:30 Discussion: Indoor3D in South Africa
18:00 Conference Dinner at Moyo in the V&A waterfront

Friday 13 December

08:30 Industry Talk: Oprton/Trimble
09:30 Discussion: Problems In Indoor Mapping and Modelling – Navigation and Applications
10:30 Tea
11:00 Technical Papers
12:00 Closing
12:30 Light Lunch